Data Protection

A. General information


The following Privacy Statement is valid for all websites of VAT Vakuumventile AG (hereafter referred to as "VAT"). It explains to you how your personal data will be collected, processed and used if you visit the websites of VAT and/or register on them.

When handling your personal data, we undertake to protect your privacy and will therefore exercise the necessary care when processing your personal data.

The VAT website may also contain links to other websites. These other websites are not monitored by VAT. Any such websites are visited under your own responsibility. VAT cannot accept any responsibility or liability for such external websites, their content or their practices in relation to data protection.


B. Security of your personal data


The internet is an open global structure of computer networks. You transmit your personal data over the internet at your own risk.

VAT has put in place appropriate security standards in order to protect your personal data. Despite comprehensive technical and organisational security precautions, there is no such thing as absolute security. For this reason, we ask that you support us in our efforts to ensure security by refraining from disclosing any particularly sensitive or unnecessary data. Please also note in this context that you will log off if you leave a part of the website that is protected by user registration.


C. The purpose and legal basis for the processing of your personal data


VAT will collect, process and use your personal data exclusively for the following purposes in order to

  • manage, operate, maintain and improve the website;
  • process and manage orders and instructions placed through the website;
  • individually tailor the content and products offered on the website in line with your personal preferences;
  • assess your entitlement to receive particular offers on the website;
  • analyse customer behaviour;
  • answer questions and comments;
  • transmit information concerning products, services and sales promotions by ordinary post, email, telephone, fax, newsletter, text message/SMS and MMS;
  • deliver advertising material relating to products, services and sales promotions (direct marketing);
  • communicate regarding various matters (such as e.g. safety instructions, support and administrative notifications, etc.);
  • manage activities or events related to sales promotion;
  • comply with statutory obligations;
  • implement contractual agreements; and
  • fulfil further purposes agreed upon from time to time.

VAT will ask you for your consent before collecting, processing and using your personal data, where this is required by law. You will also be given reasonable advance notice by VAT in accordance with statutory requirements concerning any new purpose or any change in the purpose for which your data is processed.

VAT will also ensure that only a limited class of person will receive access to your personal data within the ambit of their tasks and activities.


D. The types and categories of your personal data


Alongside the information that you voluntarily provide (e.g. signing up for the newsletter, filling in online forms, sending email, creating a log-in account etc.), VAT will also collect, process and use data that is actively collected by VAT in relation to usage of the website.

It is therefore not possible to provide a comprehensive list of all types and categories of your personal data that VAT may potentially collect, process and use. Your personal data will ordinarily include the following types and categories:

  • name, title and address;
  • personal contact information (telephone, email, etc.);
  • information concerning your function within the enterprise represented by you (name, address, department, contact information, etc.)
  • all relevant information concerning your computer and connection (IP address, operating system, browser type, browser version, browser configuration, name of the internet provider, etc.) in order to enable the connection and usage of the website and the exchange of data;
  • all relevant information concerning the websites (URL, IP address, etc.) from which you access or are redirected to the VAT website, along with the date and time;
  • all subpages and links clicked on (URL Clickstream) during the visit to the VAT website along with the date and time;
  • all queries and messages sent and orders placed;
  • an archive of all outstanding and concluded queries, orders and transactions;
  • search terms entered and products and services viewed on the VAT website;
  • all information collected using cookies or similar technologies;
  • subscriptions to the newsletter, subscriptions in your account, etc.;
  • all consents and approvals granted;
  • all information entered into or uploaded by you onto the VAT website (e.g. online form etc.).


E. Recipients and the transmission of your personal data to a third country


VAT may disclose your personal data within the corporate group for the purpose of central administration. VAT will not market your personal data or lease, disclose, transfer or otherwise share them without your express consent.

VAT will only transmit your personal data to a third country within the corporate group for which no EU Commission adequacy decision applies in exceptional circumstances. Should it do so, VAT will ensure appropriate data processing through an Intercompany Agreement based on the GDPR.

Any request to disclose your personal data to the authorities will be made strictly in accordance with applicable data protection law.


F. Period for which your personal data will be stored


Your personal data will be retained by VAT for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data were processed in accordance with the retention policy and/or applicable law.


G. Options relating to the protection of your personal data


You have a range of options in relation to the protection of your personal data that VAT collects, processes and uses concerning you. Some of these options are:

  • You can decide not to provide particular personal data, in particular if VAT asks you for consent to collect this information.
  • You can at any time revoke with future effect the data protection consents granted in the past.
  • You can decide to unsubscribe from the newsletter or any other communication at any time.
  • When registering you can choose which personal data you would like to provide to VAT.
  • You can ask whether VAT collects, processes and uses any personal data relating to you, and if so which data.
  • You can ask at any time for incorrect personal data to be rectified.
  • You can ask for your personal data to be erased, provided that these data were processed with your consent.
  • You can require that the processing of your personal data be restricted or object to processing.
  • You can request the portability of your personal data.

Should you wish to exercise your right to lodge a complaint against VAT, please contact the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) as our competent supervisory authority.


H. Usage of cookies and similar technology


The general purpose of cookies is to improve the performance and usage of the website. In addition, cookies may also be used for advertising purposes.

VAT uses the following types of cookies and similar technologies in relation to its website for the purpose of:

  • Google Tag Manager (Google Inc., google.com)
  • Google Analytics (Google Inc., google.com)
  • storing data from unfinished forms (XSRF-TOKEN serves as protection against robots and robot-filled forms, laravel_session is used to authenticate the user under which the browser session runs. The forms in progress are stored on servers  under this authentication)

You can change your cookie settings in your browser at any time or refuse to accept any cookies and thus limit the disclosure of your personal data. However, please consider that, should you do so, you may not be able to benefit from certain functions and features of the website under certain circumstances.

A comprehensive explanation concerning cookies and how they work may be found on the website All About Cookies. http://www.allaboutcookies.org

Information concerning the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy of Google Analytics may be found at: http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/de.html

Information concerning the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy of Google+ may be found at: https://sitesearch360.com/policies


I. Newsletters


VAT provides a newsletter on its website, to which you may subscribe. By signing up for the newsletter you consent to the storage by us of your email address in our database and to being sent the newsletter. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking on the corresponding link contained within the newsletter or sending a message to investors@vat.ch.


J. Changes to the Privacy Statement


The business activities of VAT are constantly changing, and hence this Privacy Statement may be adjusted from time to time. Should this occur, VAT will publish an updated Privacy Statement with a new version date in the last line. If you continue to use the websites, VAT will presume that you have accepted this new version.


K. Contact


Your feedback is always welcome.

If you have any questions or comments concerning our practices relating to data protection or your personal data that is held by VAT, please contact:

Data Protection Officer: dataprotection@vat.ch

VAT Vakuumventile AG
Michel Gerber, Corporate Communication 
Seelistrasse 1, 9469 Haag

Our representation in the EU:

VAT Vakuum-Apparate-Technik Deutschland GmbH
Sandra Hölzer
D-01109 Dresden

If you have any question or an urgent inquiry please contact us via WFlRWW1Wc2JHOTNjeTV3YlVCMllYUXVZMmc9